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MagicWrite™ - Children's Magic Copybook Bundle

MagicWrite™ - Children's Magic Copybook Bundle

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Help your children achieve perfect handwriting and have fun while learning with MagicWrite™!

MagicWrite™ is the perfect learning aid for any child—it helps them get beautiful handwriting easily and make practice more exciting. Used for practice and development of math and motor skills, MagicWrite™ keeps children happy with its fun learning experiences and helps make handwriting  practice seem more fun than ever.


Bring the magic and the fun of ghostwriting to life with MagicWrite™! Thanks to this amazing disappearing ink, kids can now have endless tracing and handwriting practice opportunities - MagicWrite™ can be erased and used again and again, making it both budget friendly and eco-friendly. Within 10 minutes, the magic ink disappears, so your child can use the page again! Learning how to write doesn't have to be costly - give your family the gift of MagicWrite™! 


Are you looking for a amazing way to help your child’s learning development? Look no further, as our MagicWrite™ pack offers just that! Not only it is a great help to boost writing skills, with MagicWrite™ your child will also learn math and get a huge advantage compared to other youngsters! Get excited about learning math with MagicWrite™ today!

MagicWrite™ is here to help your little ones express themselves! Its tactile design featuring deep grooves on tracings make it great for small hands. Unlock your child's imagination with MagicWrite™!



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