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DoggieSeats™ - Portable Pet Bed

DoggieSeats™ - Portable Pet Bed

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Keep your fur babies safe and secure while traveling with DoggieSeats™!

Let DoggieSeats™ keep your puppies and kittens safe and secure while traveling. Perfect for long travels, trips to the vet or other car rides, DoggieSeats not only keeps your furry friends comfy and safe, but also helps you keep an eye on them!

Traveling with your four-legged family members has never been easier with DoggieSeats™! Equipped with durable straps that attach securely to your center console and a comfortable fit in between the passenger and driver seats, this innovative product makes car rides stress free for both of you. With DoggieSeats™ you can keep a close watch on your pup and help them feel secure—what a win!


DoggieSeats™ is made of soft quality fabric and linen that keep your pup comfortable, and high walls all the way around to keep them safe and prevent them from falling out during the ride.


Nothing could be easier than taking your pup on the road with the DoggieSeats™. With the front straps designed to let down, your pup can safely step out of their comfy bed and you’ll be on your way! Your pup will be cozy and secure in their very own seat, no matter where you venture.


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Take your four legged friend on an adventure with DoggieSeats™. No need to carry your pup around once you get to your destination - adjust the straps to fit over your shoulder and bring your dog with you! DoggieSeats™ is a must-have accessory for any pet parent that loves to go on car rides with their fur friends.


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