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FrozenMagicCup™ - Instant Slushy Maker Cup

FrozenMagicCup™ - Instant Slushy Maker Cup

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Make delicious slushies for hot summer days in a snap with FrozenMagicCup™!

Beat the heat with  FrozenMagicCup™, an all-time summer essential for people of all ages. Enjoy a great and fun cup this summer season and beat the heat with cold and delicious slushies. Super convenient and perfect for hot summer days, make all your slushy needs a lot easier with  FrozenMagicCup™. Enjoy with friends and family - it's such a great way to beat the heat!

Makes slushies in 60 seconds!


Welcome to the world of Frozen Magic! With the FrozenMagicCup™, you can now make the most delicious homemade slushies! You can use almost any liquid to create amazing and unique flavors not found in stores. Soda, cranberry juice and even sports drinks can turn into absolutely delightful slushies. Kids, athletes, or anyone who loves frozen treats is sure to be a fan of the FrozenMagicCup™! Try it today!

The Slush Cuppie | Freeze it. Squeeze it. Enjoy.


The FrozenMagicCup™ is the perfect way to cool down this summer! It's super easy to use, so anyone can do it - simply pour your desired liquid into the cup, squeeze for 60 seconds and your amazing drink is ready. It's also very safe to use - its set includes a spoon straw and cup lid made from BPA-free plastic. Start the summer right and get the FrozenMagicCup™ now!


The Slush Cup


Tired of the hassle of cleaning your cups? Look no further because the FrozenMagicCup™ has it covered! The all-parts-come-a-loose design makes cleaning a breeze- now you can quickly and easily clean and reuse your cup over and over again for cool summer days! Cool down your summer now with FrozenMagicCup™!



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